Empowering Others through Communication

A few words about me…

A proud East Coast native who wears many hats—literally and figuratively, who genuinely enjoys practicing yoga!

A few words about my life’s work…

My various professional identities are intertwined by the common thread of corporate and public communication. As a communication consultant, my expertise is in crafting communication strategies that align with organizational objectives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful narrative of the brand. I distill complex concepts into digestible content to meet the challenges of high-stakes communication situations in organizational communication, public communication, and stakeholder engagement.

Inspiring students to become engaged critical thinkers with strong strategic communication skills is my first priority as a college professor. As an educator, I’m passionate about mentoring and supporting my students who I encourage to become talented next-generation leaders.

The testaments to my experience are available through narrative and images in the links below.