“I have known Lisa Allocco-Russo for more than 20 years in academic settings and, perhaps as importantly, I have been able to work with her in our highly student-centered department and observe the lengths to which she goes to meet students where they are, support them in achieving their academic goals, and make extracurricular involvements as meaningful and accessible as possible.”

“As a colleague, Prof. Allocco-Russo gets things done, and done well.  She does her homework, collaborates without hesitation, and has a knack for finding and filling in procedural gaps with creative and effective solutions.  When she talks, she isn't guessing or extrapolating.  Indeed, when she shares her perspective, it’s always an informed, thoughtful, and multi-faceted view of whatever situation she assesses.”

“I can trust Prof. Allocco-Russo to support the students in their learning, to push them to become better writers and critical thinkers, and to never lose anyone between the cracks.  She is ON every day, for every moment.  She learns about her students, she assesses and responds to their needs, she makes time to meet with them outside of class for tutoring, explanations, guidance, and whatever they need.  As educators, we set the tone for our classes.  The tone she sets includes meticulous preparation, speedy feedback, constant engagement, constructive responses, openness to a range of ideas and debatable topics, and a sense of mutual respect for learners in the learning process.”

“Personally, Lisa embodies compassion, attentiveness, and collegiality.  I have never met someone as effectively diplomatic as Lisa.  She gives the rare gift of her full attention, and she always follows up on her commitments.”

Testimonial from Rebecca Sanford, Ph. D., Associate Professor of Communication, Monmouth University